When you think of a DJ service you often imagine someone who shows up with their small collections of music and boring commentary. Well, at Music 4 Life we are taking that image and blowing it away! If you want your next event or club promotion to stand out from everyone else’s and be the absolute talk of the town, then you need Music 4 Life. Let our professional staff come to your event and take care of everything. It’s not just music that we do either; we’ll take care of everything you need at your next event. If there’s something, that’s not listed then just contact us and let our friendly staff see if they can help. If we can’t help, we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.
Mobile DJs
Our Mobile DJs have so much more to offer than your average DJ. We employ only the best DJs available, giving you someone ready to rock your next event right out of the venue. At Music 4 life, our Mobile DJs have over 60,000 number 1 hit songs and over 100,000 karaoke songs ready to go, too many to list!
Music 4 Life has all of your Promotion needs covered. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to promote a new club or a new event; we’ll give that promotion the professional event planning it needs. Great lighting and amazing music will have all your guests talking about you for all the right reasons. It doesn’t just have to be club promotions either we can also take care of all your corporate event needs.
Photo Booth
If you’re looking for the next thing to make your event stand out from all of your friend’s parties, then you’ll need to get a Photo Booth! Nothing is cooler or more fun than having everyone at your party or event being able to take photos and have a memory to treasure. Photo Booths are fun for everyone no matter how old or young, it will be the highlight of any event!
Professional lighting to set the mood at your next event or party. Music is a major part of any event, but it’s not the only part. Let the professionals here at Music 4 Life Light your event up and let it shine!
Nothing is more fun than grabbing a mic and blasting out some old and new classic karaoke tunes! Everyone can join in and have a blast, do it alone or sing along with your friends. Music 4 Life has over 60,000 number 1 hit songs and over 100,000 karaoke songs ready to go, too many to list!


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